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A listing of all of the goals scored by Mark Scheifele
# Game Time Goalie
1Season Twenty-four, Day 5313:17 - 1stCraig Anderson (Colorado Rockies)
2Season Twenty-four, Day 5412:22 - 1stAl Montoya (California Seals)
3Season Twenty-four, Day 7914:36 - 2ndKari Lehtonen (Cleveland Barons)
4Season Twenty-four, Day 8505:05 - 1stJonathan Bernier (Hartford Whalers)
5Season Twenty-four, Day 10517:16 - 2ndRoberto Luongo (Hamilton Tigers)
6Season Twenty-five, Day 1515:28 - 1stJonathan Bernier (Hartford Whalers)
7Season Twenty-five, Day 2905:51 - 1stCam Ward (California Seals)
8Season Twenty-five, Day 6708:27 - 1stKari Lehtonen (Cleveland Barons)
9Season Twenty-five, Day 7717:06 - 1stCarey Price (Colorado Rockies)
10Season Twenty-five, Day 7917:50 - 3rdCalvin Pickard (Toronto Maple Leafs)
11Season Twenty-five, Day 8319:07 - 1stPekka Rinne (Pittsburgh Pirates)
12Season Twenty-five, Day 9203:02 - 3rdJimmy Howard (Minnesota North Stars)
13Season Twenty-five, Day 10003:45 - 3rdSemyon Varlamov (Hamilton Tigers)
14Season Twenty-six, Day 1814:03 - 1stScott Darling (Minnesota North Stars)
15Season Twenty-six, Day 3910:43 - 2ndCam Talbot (Cleveland Barons)
16Season Twenty-six, Day 3907:28 - 3rdCam Talbot (Cleveland Barons)
17Season Twenty-six, Day 4403:34 - 3rdCarey Price (Colorado Rockies)
18Season Twenty-six, Day 6302:51 - 2ndMichal Neuvirth (Winnipeg Jets)
19Season Twenty-six, Day 9415:06 - 3rdSemyon Varlamov (Hamilton Tigers)
20Season Twenty-seven, Day 412:38 - 3rdCam Ward (California Seals)
21Season Twenty-seven, Day 719:13 - 1stPetr Mrazek (Minnesota North Stars)
22Season Twenty-seven, Day 1410:39 - 1stCorey Crawford (Ottawa Senators)
23Season Twenty-seven, Day 1402:44 - 2ndCorey Crawford (Ottawa Senators)
24Season Twenty-seven, Day 2109:07 - 3rdThomas Greiss (Chicago Black Hawks)
25Season Twenty-seven, Day 2207:32 - 1stSteve Mason (New York Americans)
26Season Twenty-seven, Day 2603:52 - 2ndPetr Mrazek (Minnesota North Stars)
27Season Twenty-seven, Day 3115:01 - 2ndBraden Holtby (Quebec Nordiques)
28Season Twenty-seven, Day 3716:48 - 2ndBraden Holtby (Quebec Nordiques)
29Season Twenty-seven, Day 3700:56 - 3rdBraden Holtby (Quebec Nordiques)
30Season Twenty-seven, Day 4305:47 - 1stMartin Jones (Atlanta Flames)
31Season Twenty-seven, Day 4906:24 - 1stBraden Holtby (Quebec Nordiques)
32Season Twenty-seven, Day 5319:15 - 2ndBrian Elliott (Hartford Whalers)
33Season Twenty-seven, Day 7505:58 - 2ndCam Talbot (Cleveland Barons)
34Season Twenty-seven, Day 8314:47 - 3rdMichal Neuvirth (Winnipeg Jets)
35Season Twenty-seven, Day 8603:15 - 3rdHenrik Lundqvist (Hamilton Tigers)
36Season Twenty-seven, Day 10018:44 - 2ndCam Ward (California Seals)
37Season Twenty-seven, Day 10715:36 - 1stCory Schneider (Montreal Canadiens)
38Season Twenty-eight, Day 201:10 - 3rdMatt Murray (Quebec Nordiques)
39Season Twenty-eight, Day 1809:56 - 3rdJames Reimer (Toronto Maple Leafs)
40Season Twenty-eight, Day 2307:40 - 3rdCarey Price (Colorado Rockies)
41Season Twenty-eight, Day 4000:49 - 1stRyan Miller (Atlanta Flames)
42Season Twenty-eight, Day 4001:47 - 2ndRyan Miller (Atlanta Flames)
43Season Twenty-eight, Day 4014:41 - 3rdRyan Miller (Atlanta Flames)
44Season Twenty-eight, Day 4208:29 - 1stAndrei Vasilevskiy (Hamilton Tigers)
45Season Twenty-eight, Day 4708:57 - 3rdMike Smith (Boston Bruins)
46Season Twenty-eight, Day 4919:13 - 1stCam Talbot (Cleveland Barons)
47Season Twenty-eight, Day 4908:15 - 3rdCam Talbot (Cleveland Barons)
48Season Twenty-eight, Day 6005:11 - 2ndBraden Holtby (Quebec Nordiques)
49Season Twenty-eight, Day 7010:25 - 1stBrian Elliott (Hartford Whalers)
50Season Twenty-eight, Day 7811:25 - 3rdSergei Bobrovsky (New York Americans)
51Season Twenty-eight, Day 8819:10 - 2ndPeter Budaj (California Seals)
52Season Twenty-eight, Day 9000:42 - 3rdSergei Bobrovsky (New York Americans)
53Season Twenty-eight, Day 9007:32 - 3rdSergei Bobrovsky (New York Americans)
54Season Twenty-eight, Day 9114:38 - 1stJames Reimer (Pittsburgh Pirates)
55Season Twenty-eight, Day 9101:14 - 2ndJames Reimer (Pittsburgh Pirates)
56Season Twenty-eight, Day 9603:59 - 1stScott Darling (Minnesota North Stars)
57Season Twenty-eight, Day 10508:45 - 1stCam Ward (Toronto Maple Leafs)
58Season Twenty-eight, Day 10505:04 - 2ndCam Ward (Toronto Maple Leafs)
59Season Twenty-eight, Day 11002:08 - 3rdScott Darling (Minnesota North Stars)
60Season Twenty-nine, Day 1716:56 - 2ndRobin Lehner (Winnipeg Jets)
61Season Twenty-nine, Day 2819:20 - 1stFrederik Andersen (Detroit Red Wings)
62Season Twenty-nine, Day 3805:10 - 2ndCory Schneider (Montreal Canadiens)
63Season Twenty-nine, Day 3903:36 - 1stSteve Mason (Winnipeg Jets)
64Season Twenty-nine, Day 4514:05 - 3rdBrian Elliott (Hartford Whalers)
65Season Twenty-nine, Day 7207:51 - 3rdPeter Budaj (California Seals)
66Season Twenty-nine, Day 7913:07 - 2ndAnders Nilsson (California Seals)
67Season Twenty-nine, Day 9312:36 - 2ndBrian Elliott (Hartford Whalers)
68Season Twenty-nine, Day 10116:55 - 3rdAl Montoya (New York Rangers)
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