Kyle Okposo Game-Winning Goals

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A listing of all of the game-winning goals scored by Kyle Okposo
# Game Scored Time Scored Goalie
1Season Fifteen, Day 701:10 - 2ndMartin Gerber (Montreal Maroons)
2Season Fifteen, Day 1611:30 - 2ndJose Theodore (Toronto Maple Leafs)
3Season Fifteen, Day 4714:46 - 1stEvgeni Nabokov (Hartford Whalers)
4Season Fifteen, Day 8914:21 - 3rdMikael Tellqvist (Pittsburgh Pirates)
5Season Seventeen, Day 3308:44 - 1stCarey Price (Colorado Rockies)
6Season Seventeen, Day 4103:46 - 2ndDan Ellis (Pittsburgh Pirates)
7Season Seventeen, Day 9502:01 - 3rdRyan Miller (Detroit Red Wings)
8Season Eighteen, Day 5013:01 - 1stCraig Anderson (Chicago Black Hawks)
9Season Eighteen, Day 8016:17 - 3rdMartin Brodeur (New York Rangers)
10Season Twenty-one, Day 1410:46 - 2ndMartin Brodeur (New York Rangers)
11Season Twenty-four, Day 5606:07 - 2ndCory Schneider (Montreal Canadiens)
12Season Twenty-four, Day 9510:40 - 1stCraig Anderson (Colorado Rockies)
13Season Twenty-five, Day 300:35 - 3rdMarc-Andre Fleury (Detroit Red Wings)
14Season Twenty-five, Day 2419:07 - 2ndOndrej Pavelec (Montreal Maroons)
15Season Twenty-five, Day 3306:26 - 2ndJonas Gustavsson (Atlanta Flames)
16Season Twenty-five, Day 9614:09 - 2ndMichael Hutchinson (Chicago Black Hawks)
17Season Twenty-seven, Day 4518:25 - 3rdBen Bishop (Cleveland Barons)
18Season Twenty-seven, Day 7606:37 - 2ndBrian Elliott (Hartford Whalers)
19Season Twenty-seven, Day 9600:38 - 4thLouis Domingue (Montreal Maroons)
20Season Twenty-eight, Day 1618:02 - 1stMike Smith (Boston Bruins)
21Season Twenty-eight, Day 2409:43 - 1stTuukka Rask (Detroit Red Wings)
22Season Twenty-eight, Day 3306:07 - 3rdPekka Rinne (Pittsburgh Pirates)
23Season Twenty-eight, Day 3908:50 - 3rdPekka Rinne (Pittsburgh Pirates)
24Season Twenty-eight, Day 9702:33 - 2ndBrian Elliott (Hartford Whalers)
25Season Twenty-nine, Day 2806:02 - 2ndSteve Mason (Winnipeg Jets)
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