Jack Eichel Injury History

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Descriptions of each injury that Jack Eichel has suffered
Date Details
June 3, 2023Returned from abdominal strain (missed 4 games)
May 29, 2023Suffered abdominal strain (out 1-2 weeks)
February 14, 2023Returned from broken toe (missed 3 games)
February 11, 2023Suffered broken toe (out day-to-day)
November 13, 2022Returned from charley horse (missed 3 games)
November 10, 2022Suffered charley horse (out day-to-day)
November 8, 2021Returned from sprained neck (missed 8 games)
October 31, 2021Suffered sprained neck (out 1-2 weeks)
September 14, 2021Returned from bruised shoulder (missed 3 games)
September 12, 2021Suffered bruised shoulder (out day-to-day)
September 20, 2020Returned from bruised shoulder (missed 2 games)
September 18, 2020Suffered bruised shoulder (out day-to-day)
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