Erik Johnson Game-Winning Goals

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A listing of all of the game-winning goals scored by Erik Johnson
# Game Scored Time Scored Goalie
1Season Seventeen, Day 5715:08 - 2ndTy Conklin (Cleveland Barons)
2Season Seventeen, Day 6014:16 - 2ndCam Ward (New York Americans)
3Season Twenty, Day 9110:16 - 2ndBrian Elliott (Quebec Nordiques)
4Season Twenty-one, Day 7217:23 - 2ndMartin Brodeur (New York Rangers)
5Season Twenty-one, Day 7603:07 - 2ndJonathan Quick (Ottawa Senators)
6Season Twenty-four, Day 402:22 - 3rdJonathan Quick (Ottawa Senators)
7Season Twenty-four, Day 1106:20 - 1stPekka Rinne (Pittsburgh Pirates)
8Season Twenty-four, Day 4617:46 - 1stMartin Jones (Atlanta Flames)
9Season Twenty-six, Day 5116:11 - 3rdCarey Price (Colorado Rockies)
10Season Twenty-six, Day 6819:00 - 3rdSteve Mason (New York Americans)
11Season Twenty-six, Day 9304:15 - 3rdRobin Lehner (Winnipeg Jets)
12Season Twenty-seven, Day 10517:00 - 3rdPekka Rinne (Pittsburgh Pirates)
13Season Thirty, Day 3106:08 - 3rdCory Schneider (Montreal Canadiens)
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