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Descriptions of each injury that Erik Johnson has suffered
Date Details
January 25, 2020Returned from charley horse (missed 1 game)
January 20, 2020Suffered charley horse (out day-to-day)
December 26, 2019Returned from broken finger (missed 11 games)
December 21, 2019Suffered broken finger (out 2-4 weeks)
June 12, 2018Returned from wrist injury (missed 0 games)
April 24, 2018Suffered wrist injury (out day-to-day)
February 24, 2018Returned from sprained neck (missed 1 game)
February 22, 2018Suffered sprained neck (out day-to-day)
January 2, 2018Returned from corneal abrasion (missed 0 games)
December 27, 2017Suffered corneal abrasion (out 1-2 weeks)
December 23, 2017Returned from scratched cornea (missed 9 games)
December 5, 2017Suffered scratched cornea (out 4-6 weeks)
July 28, 2017Returned from foot injury (missed 1 game)
July 25, 2017Suffered foot injury (out day-to-day)
March 24, 2016Returned from foot injury (missed 2 games)
March 22, 2016Suffered foot injury (out day-to-day)
February 1, 2016Returned from bruised knee (missed 1 game)
January 26, 2016Suffered bruised knee (out day-to-day)
January 17, 2016Returned from wrist injury (missed 1 game)
January 12, 2016Suffered wrist injury (out day-to-day)
November 8, 2015Returned from broken toe (missed 2 games)
November 5, 2015Suffered broken toe (out day-to-day)
March 19, 2012Returned from broken nose (missed 0 games)
March 18, 2012Suffered broken nose (out day-to-day)
August 9, 2011Returned from bruised heel (missed 2 games)
August 6, 2011Suffered bruised heel (out day-to-day)
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