Al Ashley Trophy Winners

Named after the DFHL's first and only Trades Commissioner, the Al Ashley Trophy is awarded to the playoff champion of the Gordie Howe Conference.

Al Ashley Trophy Winners
Season Winner(s)
29Chicago Black Hawks (GM: Chris Barnett)
28Hamilton Tigers (GM: Dan Marvin)
27Chicago Black Hawks (GM: Chris Barnett)
26Detroit Red Wings (GM: Brian Stewart)
25Hamilton Tigers (GM: Dan Marvin)
24Hamilton Tigers (GM: Dan Marvin)
23Detroit Red Wings (GM: Brian Stewart)
22Montreal Canadiens (GM: Joey Loonen)
21New York Americans (GM: Neil Burke)
20New York Americans (GM: Neil Burke)
19New York Americans (GM: Neil Burke)
18Hamilton Tigers (GM: Dan Marvin)
17Montreal Canadiens (GM: Joey Loonen)
16Montreal Canadiens (GM: Joey Loonen)
15Hamilton Tigers (GM: Dan Marvin)
14New York Americans (GM: Neil Burke)
13Boston Bruins (GM: Mike Brinton)
12Hamilton Tigers (GM: Dan Marvin)
11Chicago Black Hawks (GM: Chris Clement)
10New York Rangers (GM: Shawn Guest)
9Toronto Maple Leafs (GM: Steve Moore)
8Detroit Red Wings (GM: Brian Stewart)
7Montreal Canadiens (GM: Joey Loonen)
6Boston Bruins (GM: Mike Brinton)
5Boston Bruins (GM: Mike Brinton)
4Pittsburgh Pirates (GM: Larry Marhofer)
3Boston Bruins (GM: Jeff G.)
2Detroit Red Wings (GM: Al Ashley)
1New York Rangers (GM: Dave Taylor)

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